Michelangelo Antonioni's

The Girlfriends

      Eleonora Rossi Drago
      Gabriele Ferzetti
      Franco Fabrizi
      Valentina Cortese

      Yvonne Furneaux
      Madeleine Fischer
      Anna Maria Pancani

Written by Suso Cecchi D'Amico &
Michelangelo Antonioni with Alba de Cespedes

Photographed by Gianni di Venanzo

Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni

Restored by Cineteca di Bologna at L’Immagine Ritrovata
with funding provided by Gucci and The Film Foundation.

“Antonioni’s quietly audacious attempt to convey the inner workings of modern life... What makes this drama mysteriously original is the details: the architectural contours of the film’s myriad locations seem to determine the action of the people who traverse them, and such visual creations as portraits, reflections, sketches, and eye-catching clothing have more reality than the empty, miserable characters to whom they lend identities. ”
– Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“A WELCOME RESTORATION...A LOST POSTWAR MASTERPIECE and showcase for Antonioni's novelistic camera, as well as his appetite for alienation.”
– Benjamin Strong, The L Magazine

“ONE OF ANTONIONI’S GREATEST FILMS! Diverse plot strands, character psychology, and a masterful control of the camera are perfectly fused. With two bravura set pieces — a picnic by the sea that foreshadows L’Avventura and a troubled tea party — Antonioni’s intensity and grip, and his vivid portrayal of feminine anxiety in particular, make for a film that has barely dated at all.”
– David Thompson, Time Out (London)

“Widely agreed to be its director’s first truly outstanding achievement... The style of the movie — unhurried shots which, by camera movement, shift our angle of vision — reaffirms our position as observers. Confirms undoubted talent for presenting female characters in the sort of depth which, even today, remains unusual.”
– Andrew Tudor, World Film Directors

“Antonioni’s outstanding film of the 50s... Already the elements of this fastidious craftsman’s style were locked in place: the awareness of landscapes, the sense of people drifting through time and space, but held always under the tightest control, the persistence of vision. [The] shifting pattern of relationships [are] brought to a fine point in the famous scene of the beach afternoon, in which the camera watches and follows and controls as all the futilities are brought drifting to the surface.”
– Penelope Houston, The Guardian

“A masterpiece of understatement, restraint, economy of style and characterization.”
– Jonas Mekas

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Photos courtesy of Titanus, Rai Cinema and Cineteca di Bologna.

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