THE FILM DESK is pleased to present the North American theatrical premiere of Philippe Garrel’s J’entends plus la guitare (I Don’t Hear the Guitar Anymore, 1991), in a new 35mm print.  

The film will screen February 25th at Walter Reade Theater as part of the 2008 edition of Film Comment Selects, followed by an open-ended run beginning March 7th at Cinema Village.

“Philippe Garrel is the proverbial underrated genius. He is the closest thing to a poet functioning today in French cinema. J’entends plus la guitare is possibly his masterpiece. It is about his love affair with Nico, it’s about his heroin addiction, it’s also about surviving youth, surviving in an age where everything you stood for, believed in, dreamed of, has been crushed.” – Olivier Assayas

J’entends plus la guitare is Philippe Garrel’s oblique glance backwards at his years long relationship with Nico, his lover and collaborator on multiple films (an image from Garrel’s The Inner Scar graces the cover of Nico’s album Desert Shore). Over an indeterminable amount of time, we follow Gerard (the late Benoit Régent) coming together and falling apart with wives, lovers and friends - infidelities, the birth of children, and drug addiction in – “the realm of poetically refracted autobiography, one level away from psychodrama” – Kent Jones.

As Nico figure Marianne (Johanna Ter Steege) states, “We were what we were, and now we’re not, and that’s that.”

Theatrical Premiere Engagement
Opens Friday, March 7th
Cinema Village, 12th Street & University Place

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